Anomaly Reports

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Cosmic Anomalies are exploration style sites that can spawn in any system in EVE. They always spawn within 4 AU of a planet, so they can be probed out using a ship's on-board scanner. It is, however, faster to use a single core scanner probe to locate the sites.

Some sites have multiple versions of escalating difficulty. The version of the site with no prefix will be the easiest, followed by Hidden, Forsaken and Forlorn will be the hardest. Don't be surprised if a Forlorn is harder than the basic version of the next site up.

The ships in each wave can vary, so don't be surprised if the report is slightly different to the site you ran. The difficulty for each wave will, however, be fairly consistent, e.g. you may come up against 3x Frigates the first time you run the site, but the next time you'll come up against 1x Frigate and 1x Destroyer. If you come up against a mixture of ships that hasn't been reported, feel free to edit the report accordingly, add the spawns you encountered as a comment so someone can update it for you or mail 'Trandaka Kirr' in-game.

All sites have a chance to spawn a Faction Frigate / Cruiser / Battleship at the end. Sometimes it will arrive as a wave of it's own, sometimes it will arrive as a part of the regular final wave. If you do get a faction spawn, please note the spawn as optional so people don't get all excited when they finish the site and don't get a faction spawn!

More information about Cosmic Anomalies can be found on the Official EVE Online Wiki.

  • Please note that this section of the site is a work in progress.
  • Underlined pages do not exist, so new reports will need to be created for them.
  • A template for new reports can be found here.
  • If you'd rather leave the report to a Janitor, send a mail to the 'eve-surivial mail' mailing list or directly to 'Trandaka Kirr' in-game.

Angel Cartel

Angel Burrow
Angel Hideaway [ Hidden / Forsaken / Forlorn ]
Angel Refuge
Angel Den
Angel Yard
Angel Rally Point
Angel Port
Angel Hub
Angel Haven
Angel Sanctum

Blood Raider

Blood Burrow
Blood Hideaway [ Hidden / Forsaken / Forlorn ]
Blood Refuge
Blood Den
Blood Yard
Blood Rally Point
Blood Port
Blood Hub [ Hidden / Forsaken / Forlorn ]
Blood Haven
Blood Sanctum

Guristas Pirates

Guristas Burrow
Guristas Hideaway
Guristas Refuge
Guristas Den
Guristas Yard
Guristas Rally Point
Guristas Port
Guristas Hub
Guristas Haven
Guristas Sanctum

Sanshas Nation

Sansha Burrow
Sansha Hideaway
Sansha Refuge
Sansha Den
Sansha Yard
Sansha Rally Point
Sansha Port
Sansha Hub
Sansha Haven
Sansha Sanctum


Serpentis Burrow
Serpentis Hideaway [ Hidden / Forsaken / Forlorn ]
Serpentis Refuge
Serpentis Den
Serpentis Yard
Serpentis Rally Point
Serpentis Port
Serpentis Hub
Serpentis Haven
Serpentis Sanctum

Rogue Drones

Drone Collection
Drone Cluster
Drone Assembly
Drone Gathering
Drone Surveillance
Drone Menagerie
Drone Herd
Drone Squad
Drone Patrol
Drone Horde

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